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Streamline your processes, generate better management information and accelerate data flows with a custom application

We are FileMaker developers and a Claris Partner. We build custom apps in FileMaker. Sometimes we build custom apps for customers to tackle that customer’s particular needs. In other instances we build custom apps for ourselves, to help us with our own needs or to explore new techniques and functionality.

Meanwhile, we also build ‘ready-made’ apps for sale. These are apps that provide functions that are widespread, such as managing maintenance tasks, streamlining manufacturing processes or tracking project finances.

In addition to our custom app service, we also connect FileMaker apps with a wide range of popular web or software services such as Mailchimp, Sharepoint and Google Sheets. This is done through workflow automation software called Claris Connect. And if your needs can’t be met by Claris Connect, FileMaker incorporates an extensive number of technologies that enable interfaces to be made between it and other apps.

Please click on one of the following links to find out more about our services. 

Our ready-made apps

The icon for the MENDLOG app


Our ready-made app for managing maintenance tasks. For anyone or any organization that carries out maintenance activities.

The icon for the MANAGE app


Our ready-made app for managing sales, invoices, repeating bills, purchases, purchase orders and project finances.

The icon for the PRODUCE app


Our ready-made app for scheduling and tracking order production. For anyone or any organization that makes things.

What our customers say

Workplace Innovation Software developed a custom case management database for our law firm that has significantly increased our productivity. I have worked with a lot of software developers and they are at the very top of that list. They really listened to our problems and took time to understand the nature of our practice and how the database would help us be more successful. They are very creative and are always positive in addressing additions or modifications that we request. Overall, I would not only use this firm again but give them my highest recommendation.
Photo of Eric Somers, Partner at Lexington Law Group
Eric Somers
Partner at Lexington Law Group
Having worked with a few different development companies over many years, our current relationship with Workplace Innovation Software and Anthony Lambert has been the absolute best experience with the best outcomes we could have imagined. Anthony’s level of understanding of our company’s issues and his ability to communicate the best development solutions exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you Anthony and Workplace Innovation!
Photo of Bruce Somers, President of Strategic Information Resources
Bruce Somers
President at Strategic Information Resources

Our latest news and updates

On April 26, 2022 Claris held a public webinar that contained some big Claris news announcements. Screenshot taken from Claris public webinar of April 26, 2022.

Big Claris news

On April 26, 2022 Claris held a public webinar that contained some big Claris news. Claris announced a new web application called Claris Studio, a new custom application seeding program called Claris Problem Solvers Circle, a rebrand of FileMaker products and the features of upcoming FileMaker updates. In this article I explain what is in the pipeline.

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A photo of a CD ROM disc to adorn the post that announces that Claris have released the FileMaker Pro 19.4 update

FileMaker 19.4 update

Claris has released FileMaker 19.4, an update that covers the entire FileMaker product line: FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud. This post highlights the features added, the items changed and the bugs fixed.

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Anthony Lambert, CEO/Founder of Workplace Innovation Software

Interview with Anthony Lambert

Claris recently published an interview with Anthony Lambert, our Founder and CEO. In the interview, Anthony describes when he started developing in FileMaker and why he chose FileMaker. He also discusses what he likes most about FileMaker and talks about setting up a company in Chile.

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A photo of a small island in the Gulf of Thailand used to adorn a post that describes the consequence of errors. Or how a missing island appeared on nautical maps for over a century, then in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Missing islands

The consequence of errors, or how a missing island appeared on nautical maps and charts for over a century, then in Google Maps and Google Earth.

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