About us

Workplace Innovation Software SpA is a FileMaker developer in Chile. We were launched in 2020 by Anthony Lambert, a British software engineer with over 20 years of using FileMaker to create custom apps.

Throughout his career, Anthony has built many different types of app with many different purposes for many different sizes of enterprise. This experience and expertise is the foundation for the services that we provide.

Anthony has written custom apps for:

The types of customer that we work for include:

Apps written in FileMaker can be accessed in many different ways:

And finally, the apps that we make can be used standalone or can be interconnected to Sage, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, websites and many other applications.

FileMaker developer in Chile

Workplace Innovation Software is located in Chile but we are proud to work for customers all over the world, in both English and Spanish.

If you want to know more about our experience and what we can do, please get in touch!

A Brit in Chile

Why is a British software engineer running a company providing FileMaker development services in Chile? Let’s ask him:

Well, it's simple really. The love of my life is Chilean and we decided that we wanted to live in Chile. I love Chile so it was not that difficult a decision! And as for the company... the love of my work life is FileMaker, so it was natural for me to set up a company providing FileMaker development services in Chile.

Photo of Anthony Lambert

Anthony Lambert