FileMaker Pro 19.3.2 update

On July 20, 2021 Claris released the latest update to its FileMaker Pro software: FileMaker Pro 19.3.2. It is solely a bug fix release and the bugs are summarised below.

Please read the full release notes for FileMaker Pro if you wish to obtain more information. In addition, there is a lot more information about the interactive container field issue (the first one listed below) on the Claris website.

Highlights of FileMaker Pro 19.3.2 update

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Bugs fixed

How to get the FileMaker Pro 19.3.2 update

You can download an installer for FileMaker Pro from the Claris downloads page, or you can update FileMaker Pro directly by selecting ‘Check for Updates…’ from the FileMaker Pro Help menu.

Claris has released the FileMaker Pro 19.3.2 update. This post summarises the bugs that have been fixed.