Cuentas app

A financial accounts app for tracking income and expenditure in multiple accounts, within multiple categories and in multiple currencies.

A custom app developed for a specific client.

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Features of CUENTAS

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Our custom financial accounts app CUENTAS can be accessed via computers (both Windows and Mac), on iPads and on iPhones. Layouts of CUENTAS have been designed specifically for each type of device so that the user has the best experience possible regardless of how they access the app. Take a look at the screenshots to see examples of this.

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Sometimes, all a user wants is to see a visual snapshot of a particular thing rather than looking through data to get the same information. CUENTAS has a number of charts drawn on-the-fly that show the user the total monthly spend over weeks, months or years; the spend over time in a specific category, for example the cost of gas every month; or the monthly balance of a particular account.

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Our app CUENTAS handles as many different currencies as are required. To make reporting easier, it requires a reporting currency, and all transactions are converted to this currency, if required, so that reports and charts can be more useful. The app also allows the user to choose which accounts, and which categories of transaction, are used in summaries.

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Our financial accounts app includes numerous time-saving features. For example, a transaction can be saved as a repeating transaction, meaning that monthly utility bills can be created quickly. A transaction can be duplicated. In addition, a transaction that has multiple payments over a period of time can be recorded quickly. An account reconciliation process is also included.

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CUENTAS can accept the output from an iOS shortcut. This allows the user of an iPhone or iPad to supply the details of a transaction from within any iOS app that can display the share sheet. The shortcut then opens CUENTAS and creates the transaction. More than one shortcut can be created providing different methods by which a transaction can be created. In addition, being a FileMaker app, CUENTAS can be integrated with, or connected to, many other apps.

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CUENTAS, like all of our custom or ready-made apps, can be hosted in the cloud or on a server on your own site. For site installations, FileMaker Server software can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux servers/computers. CUENTAS can also be opened as an individual file, in FileMaker Pro on computers or in FileMaker Go on iPhones and iPads.

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