Investment Manager app

An app for managing investment funds, investors, properties and funding sources.

A custom app developed for a specific client.

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Features of Investment Manager APP

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INVESTMENT MANAGER is a powerful custom app that records details of investment entities of various types: ownership entities, investment funds, management entities and more. The app tracks funding sources and how much investment each of them has generated. It also allows for different classes of investment and enables funding to be allocated to those sources and classes. The user of the app can see in real-time how much of the funding target has been met, who the investors are, how much they’ve committed or paid to the investment and how well each funding source is doing against their target.

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Each property to which an investment vehicle is attached is added to the app. The app captures the property address; the type of venture to be set up for the property; and the seller, borrower, broker and agent. It also records significant milestones, such as the date on which the property was acquired; the target funding date; the dates by which important documents must be sent out to potential and actual investors; and the date that equity was raised. This enables the property purchase and funding to be tracked precisely.

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The INVESTMENT MANAGER app manages the relationship with investors. The app captures basic information such as investor names, addresses, telephone/cell phone numbers, email addresses and driver’s licence details. It also records information about the various vestings that an investor uses to invest. The app can accommodate any type of vesting that an investor creates. The user of the app can see in real-time which investments the investor has committed or paid to and which vesting they’ve used or plan to use.

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The app has an extensive suite of reports that provide a granular snapshot of the information within it. For example, a pre-funding report gives a breakdown of an investment by class, by funding source and by investor; an allocations report shows the ways in which the management fee is to be divided amongst funding sources; and various financial summary reports provide overviews of the entire investment portfolio. An investor can receive various reports detailing the investments that they have funded and/or committed to. And the funding sources can receive reports detailing their progress against monthly or annual targets.

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INVESTMENT MANAGER contains a communication hub that is used to generate periodic update mailouts – whether sent by post or by email – to investors and to funding sources. The communication hub is built around a multi-step ‘wizard’ that directs the user to pick various options – such as whether details of the investment property are to be included, or whether a copy needs to be made for sending to a third party – and then write the generic content ready for sending out to a list. The created letters are then attached to both the investment and the relevant investor.

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The INVESTMENT MANAGER app has a comprehensive logging process for audit purposes. The app records changes to data, whether it be the investor’s name, the vesting that an investor uses, their address, the investment details, property details or any individual letter. The change log captures the name of the person that made the change and the date and time when the change was made.

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