Ready-made apps

We will be releasing a number of ready-made FileMaker apps over the the next few years, based on our extensive experience of working with many different customers to solve numerous varied problems. The apps that we sell are fully-functional tools. They are apps that address needs that are widespread, such as managing maintenance tasks or streamlining order production processes, managing back office functions or handling accounts.

Our apps for sale are designed to be used as they are, without the need for any other input from us. They also, however, provide a very good starting point for you when trying to find something that meets the specific needs of your organization. With FileMaker as the development platform, you can adapt one of our apps yourself using FileMaker’s ‘low code‘ tools.

Or you can use an app to help you scope out what you need specifically for your organization. As a result, you can identify functionality that you require then provide us with a clear definition of what needs to be done. Contact us so that we can help!

Our Ready-Made FileMaker apps

The ready-made apps that are in the pipeline are shown on this page. Click one of the apps to see a detailed page describing the app. The page also states our estimate for when the app will be available.

The icon for the MENDLOG app


Our ready-made app for managing maintenance tasks. For anyone or any organization that carries out maintenance activities.

The icon for the MANAGE app


Our ready-made app for managing sales, invoices, repeating bills, purchases, purchase orders and project finances.

The icon for the PRODUCE app


Our ready-made app for scheduling and tracking order production. For anyone or any organization that makes things.