Produce app

An app to manage manufacturing: schedule orders, assign them to machines,  monitor their progress then analyse overall production numbers.

A ready-made app that will be available in 2nd Quarter 2022.

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Manage manufacturing

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Use PRODUCE on iPads in production areas to track when an order is started, when it is paused for operator breaks and when it is completed. Use it also to record the stop and restart due to a machine fault, if one arises. In this instance, we can customise the app so that a fault report is automatically generated and sent immediately to your maintenance app (such as our app MENDLOG).

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Record the production machine counter and scrap totals. The machine operator can update these numbers at any time, and the app checks the numbers entered to ensure that mis-types are corrected. ​

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Schedule production orders on multiple machines using a calendar-style interface. As an order is lengthened or shortened, subsequent orders on the same machine can all be moved at the same time.

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Experience real-time updates to the schedule as orders start and durations change. So if an order over-runs, subsequent orders on the same machine are deferred automatically.

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Get an up-to-the-minute overview of production status on a dashboard that displays machine and operator efficiency, and order quantities per time period.​ You are able to see multiple machines at the same time, or can elect to view more details on a single machine.​

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View detailed reports on any of the parameters on the dashboard. In this way you can drill down to see the numbers behind the trends and produce reports for use elsewhere.

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